Archive | October, 2012

Rock Against Racism No. 4

24 Oct

Rock Against Racism with DOA, Silencers, Gears, Queen of Hearts, Opus, and Calcote at MacArthur Park in LA, CA by Peace Press

Benefit for Anarchist Community Center No. 1

19 Oct

Benefit for an Anarchist Community Center with Unamused, Raunch, Litmus Green, Emperismo, Subvert Sec-Cunts, and Los Crudos at Salon Mexico in Huntington Park, CA, 1993

Horizontes Benefit No. 1

14 Oct

Horizontes Benefit with Verbal Abuse, Celebrity Skin, DRI, MDC, and Fang at Mission Vocational and Language School, San Francisco, CA, 1986

Food Not Bombs No. 7

9 Oct

Food Not Bombs fundraiser with Le Shok, Missing 23rd, Kenil, and the Switch at The Smell in LA, CA

Benefit for The Vex No. 1

3 Oct

A Benefit for the Vex with Adolescents, TSOL, Overkill, and Social Distortion at The Vex in East Los Angeles

Benefit for Amnesty International No. 3

3 Oct

Benefit for Amnesty International with Sick Of It All, Black Train Jack, Orange 9 MM, Endpoint, Ray Cappo, and Walter Schreifels at The Academy in NYC, NY

Benefit for the Station No. 1

1 Oct

Benefit for The Station with Organized Chaos, Shrapnel, Concrete Sox, New Blood, and Noize Overdose at The Bunker in England