Archive | January, 2012

Benefit for Boston Hardcore LP

30 Jan

Benefit for Boston Hardcore LP with Maelstrom, Eye for an Eye, Said and Done, and STP at the Rat in Boston, MA

Declaration of War on Poaching Elephants

28 Jan

Declaration of War on Poaching with the Freeze, Straw Dogs, and Jerry's Kid at The Rat in Boston, 1989

Benefit to Help Legalize Marijuana

27 Jan

Benefit for the Univ of California Riverside Chapter of NORML with Hindu Garage Sale, Spiderworks, and Jone's-n-It at the UCR Barn

Benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

26 Jan

Benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation featuring Upfront, Secret Wrong, Lifetime, Admiral, Edgewise, Conviction, and many more at the St. Petersburg High School Gym, New Brunswick, NJ, 23 March 1991

Benefit for WMUC FM 88.1 FM

26 Jan

Radiothon Benefit for WMUC FM 88.1 FM with The Faith and Scream, live on air

Peter Case Benefit No. 2

25 Jan

Mydolls, Hickoids, AK-47, Anarchitex, and Biscuit Bombs at The Mink in Houston, TX, 1 Aug. 2009, by David Ensminger, event raised $1,000

Benefit for Real Records

23 Jan

Benefit for Real Records with the Big Boys, Mydolls, Really Red, The Jiggs, Recipients, Tiger Beats, and The Haskells at The Island in Houston TX by Terry Moore

Rock Against Reagan No. 4

22 Jan

Rock Against Reagan free outdoor concert with Dead Kennedys, MDC, Permanent Wave, and Sticks Against Stones at Dolores Park, San Fran, CA, 23 Oct. 1983

Benefit for Our Way Fanzine

21 Jan

Benefit for Our Way fanzine with Killroy, Sin 34, Ill Repute, and CH 3 at The Orphanage in LA, CA

Rock Against War / Duck the Draft No. 1

20 Jan

Rock Against War Rally with MDC, The Dicks, Spirit I, Crucifucks, Suspect Device, Zero Defex, and Anti-Christ Folk Band at Hanna Fountains in Cleveland, OH 6 May 1983