Archive | March, 2012

Faction of Mercy Benefit

31 Mar

Faction of Mercy Benefit Benefit with Holocaust, All Systems Gone, Garblecrat, Media Children, and Unauthorized in Huntington Beach, CA

People’s Voice Benefit

30 Mar

MDC, Spastic Rythm Tarts, Dissonance, and The Crucifucks play the People's Voice Benefit in North Lansing, MI

Benefit for Antipathy Collective No. 2

23 Mar

Benefit for Antipathy Collective with KFC Conspiracy, Mr. Bottle, Econo-line, Disarray, The Readymen, and Bisybackson at The Ramey Room a Univ of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Rock Against Reagan No. 5

20 Mar

Benefit for Rock Against Reagan in Portland, OR with The Marx Boy Wonders and Ed and the Boats, 1983

Tony Offender Cancer Fund

17 Mar

Two-night Benefit for Tony Offender's Cancer Fund with Hickoids, Chumps, Black Salve, The Ideals, Fishermen, and more at Emo's and Parlor on Northloop in Austin, TX

Benefit for Kim

16 Mar

Benefit for Kim with Curious Hands and Bugs of Lightning at The Know in Portland, OR

A Year in the Streets Documentary

13 Mar

A Year in the Streets, From Seattle to Prague Documentary, at the Bijou in Eugene, OR