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Benefit for Animal Liberation Front No. 2

31 Mar

“The ALF is Watching And There’s No Place to Hide” international compilation for the US Animal Liberation Front, Maximum RocknRoll, Nov. 1988, No. 66

Anti-Apartheid Benefit No. 1

28 Mar

Metal Anti-Apartheid Benefit with Corrosion of Conformity, Black Task, Oblivion, and Savage Silence, from Maximum RocknRoll, March 1986, No. 34

SANE/FREEZE Benefit No. 1

24 Mar

Account of skinhead attack on a SANE/FREEZE benefit featuring the Offspring, Cringer, Bulimia Banquet, and Final Conflict, Maximum RocknRoll, Jan. 1989, No. 68

Big Mountain Rally No. 1

23 Mar

Rally for Big Mountain with Creeps, Pig Children, Sacred Hatred, Public Humiliation, and more, George Bellis Park, Buena Park, CA, from Maximum RocknRoll, March 1986, No. 34

Benefit for Casa Aztlan No. 1

9 Mar

Benefit for Casa Aztlan’s Art Program with Ozzfish Experience, Bhopal Stiffs, Generation Waste, and Group of Individuals at Casa Aztlan, Chicago, IL, from What the Fuck? No. 9

Benefit for Gregory “Joey” Johnson No. 1

6 Mar

Benefit for Gregory “Joey” Johnson, “who is in jail for burning a flag in Dallas” at the Republican National Convention, with Dispair, Crowd Control, and more, Cabaret Voltaire, Houston, TX