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Anybody But Bush Showcase No. 1

27 Apr

Goner, Siberian, The Sames, and the Pink Slips at “Anybody But Bush Showcase,” King’s, Raleigh, by Brian Walsby, 2004

No More Censorship No. 3

9 Apr

Benefit for the No More Censorship Fund, Corrosion of Conformity, SNFU, Social Unrest, Mr. T Experience, and more, Gilman St. Berkeley, CA

Anti-Klan Benefit No. 3

6 Apr

Benefit for the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee with MDC, Burnt Offering, Dicks, Sluglords, the Afflicted, and more, On Broadway, CA

Benefit for Animal Liberation Front No. 3

4 Apr

The Compilation Tape and Fanzine Benefit for Toronto Animal Liberation Front, with AOA, Dead Silence, Chumbawamba, The Disturbed, Power Age, and more, Maximum RocknRoll No. 66, Nov. 1988