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Stop the Drug War No. 1

30 Jun

Stop the Drug War Rally, Madison, WI, 10 Nov. 1990, attended by folklorist David Ensminger

Benefit Show for the Sensual Underground

29 Jun

Benefit Show for the Sensual Underground with Belligerent, Tattered Remnants, Faceless Unity, and Holiday Inn Velvet Lounge Quartet at Sensual Underground in Tulsa, OK

Even Darth Vader Wasn’t This Brutal

28 Jun

Even Darth Vader Wasn’t This Brutal protest flyer

Benefit for the August Collective

27 Jun

Benefit for the August Collective with Civil Unrest, Kleptocracy, Social Conflict, Zahkee, Fullerton, CA

Primate Freedom Benefit Tour

25 Jun

Primate Freedom Benefit Tour with His Hero Is Gone, Oi Polloi, and Murdered Minority at the Indienet Record Shop

Jammin for Mumia No. 1

22 Jun

An eclectic night of musical resistance in support of prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal featuring Outwash, Shecky Forme, Life After High School, and more at 421 Meredith Road NE in Calgary, Canada

Benefit for Roma No. 1

21 Jun

Benefit for Roma, owner of the New Jersey record store Two-Tone, featuring Adrenalin OD at Pipeline in New Jersey

Benefit for Collins Bay Action Group No. 1

20 Jun

Benefit for Collins Bay Action Group Protesting the Expansion of Uranium Mining on the Lac La Hache Reserve with The Calamity Janes, Fluid Waffle, The Trapt, Honest Injun and more,  from Maximum RocknRoll No. 28., Sept 1985

Food Not Bombs No. 5

19 Jun

Food Not Bombs in Atlanta presents Inkwell, Hal Al Shedad, and Year Zero at the Village Apts. Clubhouse

Benefit for San Francisco Photo Book

18 Jun

Benefit for San Francisco Photo Book with Hymingstein, The Jars, Alienation, and Varve at Fab Mab in San Francisco, 27 June 1981